Who We Are

At the CFCC, we have providers to work across ages and presenting issues. We believe in providing the best services. Click on any provider to learn more, then contact our office to schedule your intake.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Mary E. Payne, PhD, HSP, BCB, Clinical Director

Specialty Areas: Child & Adolescent Emotional Health Issues, CBT, DBT Skills, Mindfulness, Board Certified in Biofeedback, Medical Coping, Adherence, LGBTQ+

Hobbies: Hiking, Paddle Boarding, Running, Legos

Joe Rustum, PsyD, HSP, Provisional Licence

Specialty Areas: Adult, Family, Couple, and Adolescent Relational, Emotional, and Mental Health Concerns. Trauma, Grief, Spirituality, Mood, Eating Concerns, OCD. Approaches: Psychodynamic, Existential, Family Systems, and CBT frameworks.

Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Chess, Teaching, Gaming, Traveling

Megan Blonder, PhD, HSP

Specialty Areas: Child and Adolescent Behavior and Emotional Health, CBT, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (in training), ADHD, School/Academic Issues, Autism, Social Skills

Hobbies: Cycling, Hiking, Reading, Learning new languages

Amy Monn, PhD, HSP, YCC Consultant

Specialty Areas: Certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Young Children (2+), Parenting, Behavior Problems, Emotional Self-Control Problems/Negative Emotionality, ADHD

Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Watching Live Music

Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health Service Provider & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Alyssa Buron, LPC-MHSP

Specialty Areas: Children (8+) to adults, Trauma, Parenting, Emotional and Behavioral Struggles, Transgendered Teenagers, LGBTQ+, Social and Communication Struggles in mild autism, CBT framework

Hobbies: Skydiving

Allison Tarics, LPC,-MHSP

Specialty Areas: Ages 12 through Adulthood, Trauma, Relationships, Identity/Adjustment, Emotional Issues, LGBTQ+ identities, Family issues, foster and adopted youth, school behavior concerns

Hobbies: Painting, baking, gardening, Zumba, hiking

Jasmin Madden, MS, NCC, LPC-MHSP (temp)

Specialty Areas: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Anxiety, Depression, LGBTQ+, Self-Esteem, Social Struggles

Hobbies: Fitness and Traveling

Hannah Harden, MA, NCC, LPC-MHSP (temp)

Specialty Areas: Children through Adulthood, Family Relationships, Couples Communication, CBT, DBT-skills, Mindfulness, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional issues,  LGBTQ+

Hobbies: CrossFit, Hiking, Kayaking, Traveling

Katelyn Dover, MEd, NCC, LPC-MHSP (temp)

Specialty Areas: Children and Teens, Trauma, Siblings of Children with Special Needs, Emotional Issues, CBT, Adoption, DBT-skills, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Mindfulness and coping skills

Hobbies: Playing with my cats, learning, going to a spa, yoga, stargazing, and anything creative

Meredith Steed, MA, LMFT – temp

Specialty Areas: Couple and Family Work using Emotionally Focused Therapy and Family Systems Theory. Individual therapy for older adolescents and adults of all ages.

Hobbies: Walking my dog, working out, and traveling

Jaye Bilyeu, MS, NCC, LPC-MHSP

Specialty Areas: Children and Teens with a Variety of Emotional and Behavioral struggles including anxiety, depression, addiction, and spectrum diagnoses.


Graduate Student Trainees

Alexandria Hudson – Intern (Lindsey Wilson College)

Alexandria is completing her graduate level internship at the CFCC under the supervision of Dr. Payne. She has an interest in learning more about supporting child and adolescent emotional health. For more information about her services and if she might be a good fit for your family, please call our office.

Practicum Students

Practicum students are working towards degrees in a counseling or psychology related field. Our current students are:

Samantha Lacheta – Liberty University

E. Leighton Durham – Vanderbilt University

Administrative Staff

Kathy, HR Manager, Insurance Coordinator

Ms. Kathy is the go to for helping clients navigate utilizing their out of network insurance benefits. She helps with staff support and management.

Hobbies: Reading; Hanging with grandkids

Alexandria Larkin, Financial Manager

You will often see Alex at the front desk making sure the office runs smoothly. She is also there to help problem solve any billing issues that may arise.

Hobbies: Gym, Nature walks, and spending time with my little toddler!

Dana Birdsong, Administrative Assistant

You will find Dana keeping the office running in the afternoons. She is there to help make sure clients are taken care of during their work with our clinicians. She also helps manage our social media.