Many people come into therapy not knowing why they feel depressed, anxious, frustrated, or “stuck” in life. Additionally, some individuals are unsure what to do to start feeling better. Through a safe and supportive therapy relationship, Dr. Rustum helps clients understand more about their feelings and how to make meaningful changes.

Dr. Rustum first takes time getting to know you and your unique circumstances so that he can understand your worldview, values, and personal beliefs. Afterward, he collaboratively develops goals with you and caters therapy towards meeting those goals. Dr. Rustum continually evaluates his approach to make sure it is accommodating toward your cultures, racial identity, spiritual beliefs, and phase of life. Throughout therapy, Dr. Rustum reassess goals to ensure that therapy is meeting your needs and collaboratively makes adjustments when necessary.

Dr. Rustum’s training and research in psychodynamic and existential therapy helps clients increase their self-awareness and learn how to overcome obstacles. He helps clients process emotional burdens and support their process of healing and feeling whole. Dr. Rustum’s approach helps clients take responsibility for their decisions and reevaluate their boundaries with others. He also integrates other psychotherapeutic that include cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT, and family systems to provide comprehensive care for his clients.

Dr. Rustum enjoys helping clients explore their relationships, family dynamics, childhood experiences, and core beliefs. He has had experience working in a wide variety of settings that include community mental health, inpatient hospital, middle and high schools, and universities. Additionally, Dr. Rustum has treated various presenting concerns and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, perfectionism, life transitions, spiritual and existential concerns, and relationships.

When Dr. Rustum is not at work he enjoys reading, spending time in nature, teaching, and being around friends and family. Dr. Rustum also enjoys arduous hikes with his wife.

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