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Hi! Dr. Payne here. I am excited to say that we are settling into our space and have been able to start several of our skills groups. This week we will complete our first Stressed Teens group that focuses on mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Our second group just started and I hope to release new start dates soon. Both of these groups have been geared towards teens in high school. I am hopeful to get the middle school group up and running soon. I am having a great time teaching teens to be in the moment and not let our high pressure world be so stressful. Be sure to let us know if you are interested. We always have our interests list going so we can meet the needs of the community.

Our DBT skills groups are also starting to fill up. We have groups for both high school and middle school students.  Anika is currently leading these groups and enjoying coaching the members on developing these new skills. Enrollment is ongoing and there are opportunities for new members to join every 6-session. This group teaches core mindfulness skills, skills to improve interactions with others, strategies for being more comfortable with difficult emotions, and tools to improve one’s mood.

We also recently added Heather Olson, LCSW to the staff and she is planning on leading one or two social skills/support groups for kids and teens. We are still working on developing these , so let us know if you are looking for any specific age groups or topics! We hope to start them soon. With the holiday season approaching, we may not have these officially start till January. In the meantime, Heather is taking new clients and has a well developed toolbox to provide both skills and support.

We all appreciate the community for its support and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality interventions!

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