The 3 R’s of Self-Care

Rest – Relaxation – Recreation

Self-care can have a lot of looks. There are big self-cares (spa day anyone?) and small self-cares (take a breath, go outside for 5 minutes, have a cup of tea). Some people develop self-care practices like meditation or yoga. The most important thing is to have self-care that you will actually do and that nourishes you. When engaging in self-care allow yourself to be mindful by staying in that moment and not judging the experience.

The 3 R’s of Self-Care can help guide you in finding what works for you. This post focuses on the smaller self-cares that you can slip into your day and week. Use the tips below as a guide to start exploring what self-care looks like for you.


Our bodies and brains work better when we are well rested. Here are some recommendations for adding moments of rest.

  • Get good sleep. Consider moving your bedtime up just a little or swapping your phone for a book before getting into bed.
  • Power naps. Allow yourself 10-20 minute to lay down and close your eyes in the middle of the day. It can serve to reboot your brain and your body.
  • Allow yourself some time to slow down and just take five minutes to just sit and be with yourself.


Different people find different things relaxing. You can use your five senses to explore what is relaxing for you. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Take a bath. Warm or Cold. Bubbles or No. Scented or Scent Free.
  • Listen to soothing music. This might be classical for one person and power ballads for another.
  • Take time to smell the roses, or at least find scents you enjoy that bring you a sense of calm.
  • Have some tea, or a small piece of chocolate, or any other sip or bite that feels calming.
  • Snuggle up with a soft blanket or a weighted one. Just sit and be and feel the sensation it brings.


Having fun sometimes seems like a lost art. We strive to be productive and good at what we do and forget the value in doing things just because they are fun. Having fun, even with things you aren’t good at, is a great self-care strategy. This recommendation isn’t just for kids and teens. This is one of my number one recommendations for adults . . . make sure you are having some fun!

  • Do something creative. The outcome doesn’t have to be perfect or even good if you allow yourself to enjoy the actual process of doing. Draw, paint, color, write, doodle, knit, build with legos.
  • Do something active. Walk, hike, run, bike, watersports, basketball, tennis, skydive.
  • Do something just because. Explore a new restaurant, store, part of town. Go to a park and swing, play cards or board games.

Now that you have some ideas, spend some time taking care of yourself and sharing with those around you. If you want support in building self-care in your life, contact us today.

-Dr. Mary Payne

This blog is only for informational and educational purposes and should not be considered therapy or any form of treatment. 

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